Jagdew is ready to drive you around with his double-decker. Book the Rust and Werk Plantation tour NOW for srd 200 (this amount is a group price for a maximum of 20 people) and visit the highlights of the plantation. Some highlights are: from a covered seat enjoy driving through the meadows with different flora and fauna, from a safe distance see the cattle and sheep in the meadows and drive along the calf shelter and the ponds. Call 484071 or register at 't Hoekhuis after arrival at plantation Rust en Werk. We are open from Monday to Sunday from 07.30 to 18.00 hours.


Doing something nice with family, friends or just this weekend? Come to Plantage Rust and Werk to enjoy cycling. With us you have the opportunity to rent bikes and via the cycle path along the Commewijne River to visit the foreland of the plantations. From plantation Rest and Work you will cycle to other tourist destinations such as plantation Margaretha, Fredriksdorp and the Warappakreek. You can also visit the historical tombs of the Crommelin family (former governor of Suriname). You pay no entrance fee when you arrive and for a tenner per hour (srd 10 p / h) you can already rent a bike. You can rent bikes in 't Hoekhuis after arrival or book in advance at 484071.


Holiday tip:
Welcome to the Rust and Werk plantation
Do you like fishing? Then you'll come to us on the plantation to really get on with it. Especially for fishers there are day passes available. Visitors are welcome from Monday to Sunday; every day from 07:30 - 18:00. For more information please call us at 484071. See you on the plantation...

This weekend a day out and drink a nice ice-cold sweet coconut under the tamarind trees or just take a nice walk. You are always welcome on plantation Rust and Werk. If you visit our plantation you do not pay any entrance fee, only for: bike rental, fishing passes and the plantation tours. Those delicious sweet coconuts are waiting for you in the fridge of 't Hoekhuis.