N.V. VCM is pleased to welcome you at Plantation Rust en Werk, where you may enter free of charge and make reservations for a VCM rural tour to walk through the fields, go for a bicycle ride, visit the historical graves (for free), enjoy delicious local dishes in the foodcorner at ‘t VCM Hoekhuis or book a rural tour to explore the farm and surrounding area.

’t VCM Hoekhuis (the Corner House)
At a walking distance of approximately 350 m (3 minutes) from the public pier at Plantation Rust en Werk is ‘t VCM Hoekhuis, where you must register as a visitor.
At ‘t VCM Hoekhuis you can:
· pay for rural tours and seasonal tourist attractions,
· buy VCM Fresh From our Farm to You products in the mini-supermarket, and
· savor those ice-cold and fresh VCM coconuts and delicious crispy teloh plain or with terie (cassava fries, plain, or with fried small salted fish), fried chicken, or chicken shawarma. These can be consumed in the airconditioned dining room, on the terrace or in the garden.


Chicken satay (1 stick)SRD 36,50
Chicken satay (3 sticks)SRD 106,00
VCM banana chipsSRD 51,00
VCM cassava chipsSRD 45,00
Chicken meat sausage  (per kg) – only on fri & satSRD 315,00
Dendeng Ragi with rice & vegetables (Javanese stewed beef with coconut )SRD 280,00
Patato mayo/ketchup (hamburger box)SRD 89,00
Patato with fried chicken (hamburger box)SRD 110,00
Patato with chicken nuggets (hamburger box)SRD 115,00
Patato with chicken shawarma (hamburger box)SRD 150,00
Patato with chicken shawarma (small)SRD 210,00
Patato with chicken shawarma (medium)SRD 270,00
Teloh vegetarian (small)SRD 90,00
Teloh with terie or fried chicken (small)SRD 145,00
Teloh with terie and fried chicken (small)SRD 175,00
Teloh with terie and fried chicken (medium)SRD 270,00
Teloh with chicken shawarma (small)SRD 198,00
*Teloh = fried cassava
*Terie = small fried mild spicy fishes
Warm beveragesPrice
Mikko coffee + cookieSRD 40,00
VCM herbal tea MarvaSRD 15,00
VCM herbal tea MoringaSRD 15,00
VCM herbal tea Marva Moringa mixSRD 15,00
VCM herbal tea GraviolaSRD 15,00
Cold beveragesPrice
CoconutSRD 40,00
Assorted juices, soft drinks, beer and water

If you are with a group, breakfast and lunch can be served if requested. ‘t VCM Hoekhuis is well suited for enjoying food and refreshments. You could sit in the air-conditioned dining room or on the terrace. In addition to the products from our standard menu, we also offer a catering menu from Javanese cuisine. Please order 2-3 working days in advance.

Catering menuPRICE
Bamie goreng with chicken (small)SRD 170,00
Bamie goreng with chicken (medium)SRD 265,00
Bamie goreng with chicken (large)SRD 365,00
Nasie goreng with chicken (small)SRD 170,00
Nasie goreng with chicken (medium)SRD 265,00
Nasie goreng with chicken (large)SRD 365,00
Nasie Rames (medium)SRD 340,00
Rice with chicken and vegetables (medium)SRD 230,00

Rural Tours
You may visit the highlights of the plantation on a double-decker that was specially built for that purpose and is pulled by a tractor. The high points include driving through the grasslands with their variety of flora and fauna, observing the cattle, sheep, and goats in the fields, and passing by the calf barn and the nursery ponds. In short, a great experience you would want to undergo!

Rates Agro tourist activitiesPRICE
Agro tour I
Duration 90 min. Number of people: 1 – 20
Tour days: monday to sunday
Bookings at least 2 working days in advance.
Please note: this price does not include the boat transfer.
SRD 2.310,00
Agro tour II
Duration 50 minutes. Number of people: 1 – 20
Tour days: monday to sunday
Bookings at least 2 working days in advance.
Please note: this price does not include the boat transfer.
SRD 1.665,00
Fishing day pass per person.SRD 350,00
Transport with tractor to fishing locations one way.SRD 550,00

Information on reservations for rural tours, other seasonal tourist attractions, and catering events via ‘t VCM Hoekhuis:

  • Phone: +597 484071
  • WhatsApp: +597 8125250
  • Email: info@vcm.sr
  • Opening hours ’t  VCM Hoekhuis.
  • Mondays through Thursdays, from 8 am to 5 pm / Fridays Through Sundays, from 8 am – 6 pm
  • You must book rural tours and catering events at least two (2) days in advance to avoid disappointment.

How to reach us

For the moment, only by boat. Private boats can be chartered for the boat ride to our premises on the right bank of the Commewijne River.
1. From Paramaribo Noord: at Leonsberg, you take the passenger boat (about 30 minutes).
2. From the Commewijne District: at Nieuw Amsterdam, departing from the Baka Sroisi Pier (about 15 minutes).
3. From Mariёnburg (left bank of the Commewijne): via the Mariёnburg Pier (about 30 minutes).
4. From the plantations situated on the right bank, via the Communicatieweg (bike and hiking trail about 10.2 km ) which connect the plantations Kroonenburg, Frederiksdorp, Johan Margaretha and Rust en Werk.

Mobile and WhatsApp of the boatsmen servicing these routes:        
(country code +597)

  • Albert: 8621859 – 8678517
  • Dew: 8678985 – 8834127
  • Iwan: 8524677 – 8524677
  • Lendy: 8590703 – 8590703
  • Lewo: 8701884
  • Moen: 8893063 – 8786351
  • Ramon: 8865828 – 8919684
  • Stanley: 7242138 – 7195543
  • Marciano: 8160367- 8267173

Route sign

At Plantation Rust en Werk stands the first public pier on the right bank of the Commewijne River, looked at from the river mouth.

Once there, you walk/cycle on a dirt road (provided with street lighting) for about 3 minutes (350 m) to ‘t VCM Hoekhuis, where you can register for the rural tour. (Optionally, we can pick you up from the pier by tour bus.)

However, suppose you wish to experience the foreland along the Commewijne River on your own steam. In that case, you may do so by making a biking trip. From ‘t VCM Hoekhuis you turn right (to the east) on the Communicatieweg, a dirt road connecting the plantations on the right bank of the Commewijne. From Plantation Rust en Werk, the eastbound Communicatieweg up to Plantation Kroonenburg is relatively well-passable in the dry season. Yet, in the rainy season, this becomes much harder (10,2 km in total).

From Rust en Werk, you go past the following plantations: Johannesburg, Maastroom, Berlijn, and Elizabeth’s Hoop, all part of the VCM Plantations.

Continuing, you will then reach Johan Margaretha (sleeping accommodations/restaurant/ shop/ no entrance fee), Fredriksdorp (hotel /restaurant/ swimming pool/ history of slavery hiking trail/ obligatory entrance fee), Guadeloupe, Mariënbosch, De Goede Vriendschap, Schaapstede, Rijnberk and Kroonenburg (26 km in total).

The road from Kroonenburg to Brouwerslust en Nut en Schadelijk (Plantation Herendijk, one of the VCM plantations) is at present “under construction” (an additional 2 km).

An additional 14,2 km up to Plantation Reynsdorp (Bakkie) is no longer passable. At Reynsdorp, there is also a hotel/museum. We advise you always to bring along some extra clothing in a waterproof bag, comfortable running shoes and a good cap/hat, sun cream / long-sleeved shirt, and mosquito repellent, depending on the hour and the time of the year. We are part of the wild coast.