On 1 March 1979, the Gebroeders Jamin (Jamin Bros) sold their shares in the N.V. Verenigde Cultuur Maatschappijen to R. P.G.A. van Alen. R.P.G.A. van Alen and his son Armand van Alen were appointed directors that day. The V.C.M. N.V. holds the following plantations, all located on the right bank of the Commewijne River in the District of Commewijne. They extend over a total of 5,600 hectares (excluding 203 hectares of Plantation Resolutie):

  1. Resolutie
  2. Leyerdorp
  3. Andreasgift
  4. Pieterszorg (Parwah)
  5. Einde Rust
  6. Lust tot Rust
  7. Rust en Werk (Setu Wérek)
  8. Johannesburg (Lasmboreg)
  9. Maasstroom (Mastrong)
  10. Berlijn (Barlin)
  11. Elisabethshoop (Kaliyansi)
  12. Nut en Schadelijk (Herendijk)

The N.V. V.C.M. employs about 82 workers on its plantations. Thirty-two workers live in the village at Rust en Werk, and 50 travel daily by passenger boat from Mariënburg or Leonsberg to Rust en Werk or to Nut en Schadelijk (Herendijk).

Mission and Vision of the Company:

The Company’s purpose is to develop its business within and outside of Suriname, to sell its product, and further to do anything connected to that in the broadest sense of the word, as well as to the benefit of the Company, including to participate in similar undertakings with the same objectives, and also to participate in every branch of business in which a limited liability company is authorized to engage.

N.V.VCM Board:

Algemeen directeur/General Director: Mr. Armand van Alen

Technisch directeur/Technical Director: Rene Armand van Alen.

Commercieel directeur/Commercial Director: John Peter van Alen.

Management Team: Carl van Dijk, Roy Tsai, and Mariette van Dijk.