On the plantations of the Verenigde Cultuur Maatschappijen, sustainable agriculture takes a central place, and crops are cultivated with care and attention. Our commitment to responsibly cultivated organic crops enables us to process much of our produce into end products.

Our vegetable gardens comprise a great variety of vegetables, including cassava, plantains, galangal, pumpkins, hot peppers, celery, groundnuts, water spinach, callaloo, spinach, papaya, guavas, gooseberry, June plum, and several tea varieties, such as lemongrass, marva, moringa, and graviola.

Also, various tree species are planted in the blocks of grassland. One of the most important tree species is the neem tree. Approximately 2,000 neem trees emit an insect-repellent odor, resulting in less damage by caterpillars. The sheep and goats also regularly are fed pieces of neem leaves, thus keeping the intestinal parasites (worm populations) naturally in control. Since so many different tree species have been planted, this has resulted in a rich biodiversity in the area.

In addition, VCM planted 3,000 coconut trees on the dams. Plans are to increase this number in the future further. Coconut trees are suitable for this coastal area and can withstand the strong sea wind (northeast trade wind). And since these trees grow along the canals, they continue getting sufficient water and nutrients. The plan is to plant more coconut trees and improve the planted material’s quality.

The waste in and from the vegetable gardens is used for the animals, the freshwater fishes, and some of the barn animals, or it is composted. The waste of the sheep and goat barns (manure and waste chopped grass) and cattle manure is used for the compost site. The compost is used in vegetable gardens.

We are proud of our agricultural produce and trade many of our products on-farm value-adding retail-ready products. We also deliver raw materials to third parties; in particular, we supply cocos and cassava to various parties. Are you interested in our unprocessed agricultural products? Please get in touch with us via administratie@vcm.sr