About us and our management

By the 1st of March 1979, the shares of the Verenigde Cultuur Maatschappijen N.V. were sold to R.P.G.A. van Alen. On that date, R.P.G.A. van Alen and Armand van Alen became the appointed directors. The Verenigde Cultuur Maatschappijen N.V. owns the following plantations in district Commewijne, with the exception of 203 ha.of the Resolutie:

  1. Resolutie
  2. Leyerdorp
  3. Andreasgift
  4. Pieterszorg(Parwah)
  5. Einde rust
  6. Lust tot rust
  7. Rust en werk (Setu Wérek)
  8. Johannesburg (Lasmboreg)
  9. Maasstroom (Mastrong)
  10. Berlijn (Barlin)
  11. Elisabethshoop (Kaliyansi)
  12. Nut en Schadelijk (Herendijk)

Approximately 82 employees work on the plantations of the 32 live in the village Rust en Werk and 50 come to work daily on a ferry boat from Marienburg or Leonsberg to Rust en Werk or Nut en Schadelijk.

Mission and Vision of the Company:

The company aims to develop cultivating businesses in and outside Suriname, selling their products and furthermore that which is related to this in the broadest sense of the word, and all that which is beneficial to the company, including participating in similar or related companies with the similar goals and in addition, engaging in any type of business for which a limited liability company is allowed in Suriname.

The directors of de Verenigde Cultuur Maatschappijen N.V.:

Executive director: Mr. Armand van Alen
Technical director: Rene Armand van Alen.
Commercial director: John Peter van Alen.
Manager: Carl van Dijk.

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